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What is 500 Brunches?

500 Brunches is reviving the original social network and connecting people in real life for the most important meal of the day - brunch! You register, telling us a bit about yourself. We connect you with interesting people and set up brunch reservation for small groups. If you can make it, simply reserve your spot and you’re good to brunch! Are you ready for some mimosas and bacon?

How does 500 Brunches match people in a group?

500 Brunches uses its own matching and data algorithms to match groups of people. We place a huge emphasis on various data sources and most importantly, feedback from our user community. We believe we can always make brunch and matching better and rely on our most important resource to do just that - you.

Do I have to go to all 500 Brunches?

Of course not! You can go to just one brunch or as many as you would like. You would meet many amazing people if you went to 500 Brunches in your lifetime, but by no means is it a requirement. We think you'll have so much fun though that you'll want to come back for more eggs with us.

Where will these brunches occur?

Brunches will take place across San Francisco to start. South Bay, East Bay, and North Bay residents are welcome to sign up, but will have to use this as an excuse to come into the city. You will always be notified of the location when getting your ticket so you can factor this into your ability to attend. Know of a great brunch spot that you would like us to include? We would love to hear from you.

When do these brunches occur?

According to experts (source: us), the optimal brunching time is between 11am - 1pm on weekends . We'll continue to extend times and options to meet your needs. 500 Brunches partners with several area restaurants to secure prime brunching hour times. You don’t have to worry about waiting in a really long line and brunch turning into lunch or dinner. We let you know two weeks before giving you ample time to prepare your schedule, outfit and perfect your bacon and waffle eating skills.

Is this a dating site?

No, it’s not. 500 Brunches is meant to connect people in general. That means your brunches will have single people, married people, and everyone in between. Of course there is the possibility you’ll meet someone at your brunch that you want to date, or someone at your brunch may have a friend you want to date. If that happens, it is up to you. The whole point of 500 Brunches is to meet new people in general as you never know how they will impact your life.

Is this a networking site?

Networking has the word “work” in it and we are all about a fun, relaxed environment where you can get to know various people you might not necessarily cross paths with otherwise. There is always a chance you will meet someone who can help you get your next job, become a business partner, or is hiring for your dream job, but this is not a place for recruiters to come to try to find talent or for job seekers to look for employment. We may very well match you in a brunch with like-minded professionals in your field if that is indicated on your interests. We do encourage you to learn from your peers, form connections, and act on any opportunities that naturally present themselves.

How much does it cost?

You will always know the brunch fee and what it includes ahead of time from the invitation. The invitation will provide more details about the structure of your specific brunch and any preset prices. Some brunches may be all inclusive including food, beverages, etc. while others may be a la cart (i.e ordering at the restaurant). You will also know if you pay up front or at the restaurant. We are working with different models in the beta stage in to determine the best experience for our brunchers.

What if I don’t like the people on my brunches?

We match you in small groups to increase the likelihood of forming connections. We use our data and matching capabilities to match you with people we believe you will have some common ground. Also, after brunch, you rate your fellow brunchers and overall experience so we can continue to improve our matching and your happiness with our service. You decide whether you’d brunch with them again or not and our matching system takes this into account. We encourage you to try to find the good qualities within every brunch mate- you never know who they know or what they can teach you!

What if I can’t make the time of the brunch?

You will only accept the invitation and reserve your spot if the brunch time works for you. If it doesn’t, we’ll put you on the next brunch invite. We book brunches 2-3 weeks out to give people enough advance notice.

What will you do with all the data you collect about me?

The data we collect about you will be used for the purpose of finding good matches for brunches. We do not have any incentive or intention of sharing the data with anyone.

Why do you ask for my social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)?

We ask for your social profiles to learn more about you to help create better matches for your brunches. We will use publicly-available data from your social profiles, and so you have control over what you share with us or anyone else for that matter. We will never share your information with other members. It is completely optional to share your profiles, so if you are uncomfortable, just skip that question.

Is this going to feel like small talk/work on my precious weekend day?

No! We believe in creating a casual environment for brunch. This is meant to be fun and engaging and it is for you. It’s the weekend. It’s brunch. Just be yourself, relax, have a mimosa or a coffee and share your story for your love of bacon.


500 Brunches is a BeaBub LLC company based in San Francisco. Contact us with any feedback, questions, or support. We are always happy to talk!

Talk to a human: 415-570-4174